Over 15 Years of Trust in Car Rentals in Chisinau Autoinmoldova is a car rental company located in the heart of Chisinau. For over 15 years, it has been offering high quality services to its customers. We pride ourselves on our extensive experience in the car rental industry. Our ability is to meet the diverse requirements of our customers.

Wide range of cars Whatever your needs, Autoinmoldova has the perfect solution for you. Our fleet includes a wide range of cars. We have economy class, ideal for those looking for an affordable and efficient solution for daily trips. We have the family class, perfect for comfortable and safe trips with the family. Each vehicle in our fleet is carefully maintained and inspected to ensure maximum safety and comfort for our customers.

Flexible and Accessible Services To meet the needs of our customers. We offer car drop-off both at Chisinau Airport and in the Botanica region of Chisinau. This allows you to pick up the car at the most convenient location for you, saving you valuable time and eliminating the stress of transportation.

Why Choose Autoinmoldova?

1. **Experience and Professionalism**: With over 15 years of experience, our team is well trained to provide you with the best possible service.

2. **Variety and Flexibility**: We have a wide range of cars for all preferences and budgets.

3. **Convenience**: Delivery of cars in key locations in Chisinau, incl Chisinau Airport and the Botanica region.

4. **Customer Service**: We pride ourselves on a dedicated and friendly team that is always ready to help. At Autoinmoldova, we want every customer to have an unforgettable experience when renting a car from us. Whether you need a car for business, family trips or holidays, we are here to provide you with the best solution. We look forward to discovering the benefits of working with Autoinmoldova and experiencing the comfort and safety offered by our car rental services. Contact us today to learn more about our offers and book the perfect car for your needs. We welcome you with open arms at Autoinmoldova, your trusted car rental partner in Chisinau! 

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Fully integrated

On this site you can find all car rental services with 2 clicks, "We offer long and short term services".

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Payment features

Visa, Mastercard, PAYPAL, American Express, IBAN, debit card, credit. transfer to Iban account, pay with cash.

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All services included in the rental

Maintenance and technical support, cutting-edge technology, insurance and coverage, contract flexibility, children's chair for GPs

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Services quality:

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our mission Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to offer the best price on the market

"An eco-sustainable and ecological car rental experience in Chisinau airport and the Botanica region.

In the heart of the beautiful city of Chisinau, our young and dynamic team aims to redefine the experience of car hire at Chisinau airport and Botanica. At the heart of our action is an ambitious vision: to offer our customers not only high-quality vehicles, but also to make a significant contribution to protecting the environment and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Our main goals are aligned with the needs of customers and the concerns of modern society. Customer satisfaction is our focus and to guarantee it we have chosen to invest in an exclusive fleet of new and environmentally friendly cars. It is our responsibility to offer our customers not only a means of transport, but also an option that respects the environment and contributes to the fight against air pollution. With a fleet consisting exclusively of clean vehicles, we are committed to being an example in the rental sector of ecological cars. In this way, our customers can enjoy not only high-level comfort and performance, but also the satisfaction of helping to reduce their carbon footprint. The safety of our passengers is as important a priority as the protection of the environment. Our dedicated team of professionals ensure that every vehicle in our fleet is regularly serviced and checked, thus ensuring a safe and worry-free driving experience. In the spirit of promoting technological innovation, we are always on the lookout for the latest innovations in green cars . We carefully choose technologies that not only improve the performance of our vehicles, but also help reduce the impact on the environment. Respect for nature is a fundamental value for us. Through our car rental initiatives, we strive to minimize our negative impact on the environment and promote sustainable practices in the car rental industry. In conclusion, we pride ourselves on being a trusted choice for those who want not just travel, but a positive contribution to the environment. Through our fleet of green cars and our commitment to safety and innovation, we aim to provide a car rental experience that combines technical excellence with environmental responsibility.

Executive Team:

There's nothing I've really wanted to do in life that I'm not good at. This is our skill.

Maria Robu

Maria Robu

Reservations Manager

As Reservations Manager, Maria Robu oversees daily operations, ensuring smooth and efficient processes within the company. His keen eye for detail and organizational skills contribute to the smooth running of our car rental services, providing our customers with a seamless experience.

Marco Moretti

Marco Moretti

Realities with clients

Marco Moretti brings extensive financial experience to the executive team. His strategic financial planning ensures the stability and growth of the company. Marco is committed to balancing fiscal responsibility with our commitment to environmental sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Alex Margineanu

Alex Margineanu

Marketing Director

Alex, our Marketing Director, is responsible for promoting our brand and our values. Through strategic marketing campaigns, Alex communicates our commitment to customer satisfaction, technological innovation and environmental sustainability, positioning our company as an industry leader.

Alessio Marino

Alessio Marino

General manager

Alessio Marino, as General Manager, is dedicated to improving customer satisfaction. With a focus on building strong relationships and understanding client needs, Alessio ensures that our services not only meet but exceed the expectations of our valued clients.

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