Car rental terms and conditions in Chisinau

Rental terms and conditions:

– Driver's age and driver's license
Cars are rented to people who are at least 23 years old and have a category B driver's license, with a driving experience of at least 3 years. International permits are accepted only on presentation of the passport. Driving licenses from the European Union, Russia, CIS, USA and Canada are accepted.


Costs and deposit:

- Payment of the rental service is made on the date of signing the contract, for the entire period established in the contract. Payment can be made in cash or by bank card.
Collection and return of the car from the Airport is done in terminal no. 1: Arrivals.
The customer undertakes to pay a guarantee between 100 and 300 euros, depending on the car brand, which is returned in full at the end of the contract, if no damage has been caused to the car. The deposit is not returned if the customer has caused damage to the vehicle due to his negligence.
Persons who do not hold a Moldovan passport pay a guarantee of 300 euros. Payment of the deposit is made by credit card or cash. Legal entities can also pay by bank transfer.
Other costs may include: the tax for going abroad (green card and vignette) and other documents necessary for crossing the border, the determined duration and the predetermined distance. For more details, you can contact us online or by phone, including via Viber or WhatsApp.
Changing the location of the car park or returning to another Rent a Car office is free during the day, and costs 20 euros during the night. It is not possible to return the car to another city or state.
The collection and delivery of the car outside working hours (08:30 - 17:30) and on the days marked in red in the calendar are charged with 20 euros.

Minimum rental period and online bookings:

– The minimum rental period is 72 hours.
– Internet and telephone reservations are accepted. The online reservation must be made at least 24 hours before taking over the car. For immediate rental, please call us at +37379020707.
-In the case of online reservations, you will receive an information message, the reservation being processed, which lasts a maximum of 24 hours.
– For emergency confirmation of the reservation, contact the operator.
– The email received after booking the car on the website is a confirmation of the booking request. After receiving the email, contact the operator (at +37379020707, Viber, WhatsApp) to confirm the dates and reservation number. Afterwards, pick up the car according to the confirmed booking.
– The prices indicated on the website are only valid for online bookings.

Use of the rented car:

- Compliance with the traffic rules in the Republic of Moldova provided for in Road Traffic Regulation.

– The car must be driven exclusively by the person who signed the rental contract (if an additional driver is not provided for in the contract).
- Not to use the car for commercial purposes, taxi or passenger transport.
- To drive the car only on public roads, being prohibited from driving on snowy roads, in forests or participating in hunting activities.
- Not to transport more passengers than the number of seats provided in the car.
- To comply with the rules for operating the car provided by the manufacturer.
– Not to leave the car unattended and to park it in authorized parking lots throughout the rental period.
- Immediately notify the company, the traffic police, the fire brigade, etc. in the event of a road accident and take the necessary measures for personal and rental car safety.

It is strictly forbidden to leave the territory of the Republic of Moldova and enter the Transnistrian region without the consent of the car rental company.

Contract extension and car rental delays Chisinau:

– If the rented car is not returned to the company at the time indicated in the contract, the first hour of delay is charged with 5 euros, the second with 10 euros, and if the delivery deadline exceeds two hours, the renter will pay a full day's rent, at the price previously established.

- Exceeding the time limit established in the contract by 4 hours, without a notice to the company, will entail the declaration of car theft to the legal authorities: Police and Prosecutor's Office.

– If the customer requests the extension of the contract, it will be extended under the same conditions established on the date of signing the contract, and the price will remain as previously established.

Obligations of the rental company:

– After signing the contract or after making the reservation, the company must make available to the customer the car mentioned in the contract or a similar car of the respective class, at the same price.

– The company must hand over the documents and keys to the client after signing the contract

Insurance and road taxes:

– Automobiles are insured with standard insurance for damage caused to third parties, theft, force majeure and scratches. If the customer does not already have insurance, he can request an optional one in his name, including personal insurance and optional insurance for each passenger. He can also apply for a green card in case of going abroad. Road taxes for going abroad are not included in the price; only national tolls are included.

– The customer can request an optional insurance for children, luggage, valuables, passengers, with or without excess. Full Casco covers damage caused by the driver and is applied for separately.

– Standard insurance is the minimum insurance held by the car and covers damages caused through no fault of the driver. Other insurances are provided by the optional insurer and by the bank, if the payment is made by card and this provides insurance for rent a car. No insurance exempts the tenant from liability in the event of an intentional accident, under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances

Bonuses and booking confirmation:

– The car is handed over without pledge to regular customers with a lease term of at least 10 days.

– Special rental features are provided for the cars under promotion.

– All bookings made on this site require a prior telephone confirmation of both parties: the company and the potential customer